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Welcome to Pregnant Paws Scanning West Midlands.            


Ultrasound pregnancy scanning for all breeds of dogs and cats.

Whelping and Kittening 'Midwifery' Service

Level 2 Advanced Ultrasonographer


Proud to be a part of The K9 Fertility Clinic Team


We offer a veterinary recommended, professional and confidential service to breeders of all cats and dogs.

Scans are carried out at our new clinic in the B62 area or at our premises in the B63 area.  Mobile scans sometimes available.  

   All scans are by appointment only.     

                          Call, text or message 07853868957                            

 Scans are completely non-invasive and painless.  There is no need to shave any fur - even on longer haired breeds (although clipping does give a clearer image) and you can be with mum-to-be for the duration of the scan and are free to take photos or video footage of the scan.

The ideal time for confirming a pregnancy is at **28 days from the date of the last mating, but scans can take place at anytime after this point. If you are wanting a scan for a best guess at number then the optimum time is between 28 and 35 days, after this embryos have change shape and size and it can become difficult to see each individual sac. I can still offer a best guess and ascertain the age and health status of the embryos, but accuracy* can not be guaranteed at any stage.


**Please note we can not be held responsible if you request a scan too early in a pregnancy. To avoid a potential false negative your bitch/queen MUST be a minimum of 28 days from date of last mating.  Due to the nature of conception, scanning before this time may result in a false negative.  If you are unsure of your mating dates then a second (chargeable) scan may be required if the first is inconclusive.

*please note that any estimate of the number of puppies/kittens are given as a best guesstimate only, babies can hide behind each other and can also be reabsorbed at any time during the pregnancy. We can make no guarantee than any guesstimate will be correct

We are able to scan all breeds of cats and dogs.

Any mobile scans must be prepaid via PayPal

Emergency scanning may be available.



We understand how stressful the birthing process can be, especially for first time breeders.  For much less than the average price of one puppy or kitten, we will come to your home and assist you in the delivery of your puppies or kittens. Price includes 3 scans at a time of your choosing at any anytime during pregnancy, delivery and post birth. (We recommend a scan at 28-35 days, another at 50-55 days and a third to ensure your girl has finished delivering so she can be settled with her babies. 

We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders with over 20 years experience breeding both cats and dogs.

Please note that this does NOT replace veterinary attention and we can not guarantee that we will not need to refer over to a veterinarian should there be problems during the birth that will endanger either mum or babies.





Please be aware that whilst we are fully trained in ultrasonography for the detection of pregnancy in cats and dogs, and are experienced breeders,we are not and neither do we purport to be veterinary practitioners.  Our service can detect a pregnancy but we do not make any diagnosis of a pregnancy or other condition.  We can offer advice and will ALWAYS refer on to a veterinarian where necessary.  These services are NOT a replacement or substitute for veterinary care.




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